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An active, united community where everyone is empowered, included and safe.

Active Change Haringey is a coalition of local people who believe in the power of sport and physical activity to unite and change East Haringey.

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As a coalition, we run a range of sport and physical activity sessions and meet regularly to build relationships, explore opportunities to work together and address the issues that matter most to our community.

We support activities at Broadwater Farm which showcase community connectedness, family friendliness and are safe for women and girls to participate.

We manage the Jazz Cafe Space at Broadwater Farm Community Centre.  Book this space by emailing and see existing bookings

We have seen when you bring organisations and people together to work towards an agreed vision for change, our collective impact is far greater than what we could achieve alone.

The coalition benefit through delivering more effective work, leaning on newly formed networks and partnerships, and avoiding duplicating efforts. As a result, local people benefit from enhanced quality and diversity of sport and physical activity programmes.

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What we stand for

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"We want to raise awareness of local sporting organisations and events to get as many people active as possible, while helping them access better facilities."

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